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Insects on our menu
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The UN has released a report pointing to insects as a food source for the future. This should open our eyes to a new way for us to feed ourselves. In a time of economic stagnation this food market can employ and create profit. Cultivation of insects can be a new economic industry with enormous potential.


Feeding the world's population is becoming harder and harder. The population is growing at exponential speed. By worldometers.info's calculations the earth will populate 8 billion people in 2025. Simultaneously, more and more people are escaping poverty. With more money to spend, higher demands are set to the food that is eaten. As people leaves poverty vegetarian meals are replaced by meats. This change, when happening to large populations, becomes a burden for nature. Instead of meat, the UN says we should look to insects.


The eating of insects is nothing new. Today over to billion people have bugs and insects on their diets. They are highly nutritious, low on fat and contain calcium, iron and zinc. Compared to traditional western meats, insects is a far healthier alternative. It is in this part of the world the greatest challenge of persuasion is needed to have people include insects in their diets, but that also means this is the place with the biggest potential market. Some places this commodity is already available and markets established. People who wants to establish themselves in this industry, can therefor look to these markets to learn this trade's know-how.


Economically, the positive sides of insect farming is almost unlimited. Today there is limited industrialized cultivation of insects for the food market. Farms for insects need little physical space, and can therefor be established both rurally and urbanely. The undiscriminating nature of this industry makes it highly competitive. It fits both low and high investments levels, simply depending on the degree of the credit available for the investor. The physical work favors no one and can employ both men and women, rich and poor. Insect cultivation can be done anywhere, by anyone, in almost any way. This is an opportunity waiting for entrepreneurs and investors world wide.


The UN report offers the reader a new way of thinking of food. Insects and bugs are resources that surrounds us. They offer an opportunity for a growing population and for economic entrepreneurship. To read the UN report, use the link http://www.fao.org/docrep/018/i3253e/i3253e00.htm

Date: 26/06/2013
Very interesting post, Espen. I definitely support alternative ways of feeding the world´s population - even though it isn´t really alternative. Today´s food industry can´t be sustainable, both in terms of a growing demand and a growing population. The nature is suffering of the high consumption of food world wide. Different kind of food people take for granted is destroying the ecosystem around the world, e.g. scampi farms are destroying the Mangrove swamps and meat production the Amazon rainforest. Recently we had a good discussion about how people in the Western World could start eating insects. I guess chefs and cooks have to start promoting it. Already snails and frogs are a delicacy, why couldn´t grasshoppers be? Sooner or later we have to put insects on our menu!
Date: 26/06/2013
I fully agree with your argument that chefs and cooks have a responsibility in promoting insects. They influence peoples' diets in an extensive degree. TV personalities like Gordon Ramsay, Rich Stein and Jamie Oliver 's choice in ingredients have an impact on what kind of food are demanded. The same responsibility rests on the shoulders of chefs and waiters in high ranked restaurants. If beetles are recommend in Michelin-starred restaurants, then beetles will be demanded at the local grocery store. In this way these chefs and waiters influence people's diets in the same way as fashion designers influence our choice in clothing. The collections shown on catwalks in Paris and Milan do not always reflect the fashion of the day, but what will come to be fashion in 6 months or a year. Through exposure with food celebrities and experts demand for edible insects can be increased dramatically.

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