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Disability programs keep unemployment artificially low
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Joffe-walt (2013) has found that 14 million Americans receive disability checks. This does not necessary mean that peoples' health is deteriorating, despite what the charts suggest. Beside the people that truly qualify for the programs are the oportunitists that are struggling for a tiring job when simultaneously disability programs are promoted by the state? With no universal definition on disability to receive a disability check is more a question of a good attorney than a question of the state of one's health. With the state authorities promoting disability programs payed exit from unemployment seems like a golden opportunity.

Today’s work market requires skills. Uneducated workers do not have the same opportunities as earlier. They fight for the remaining low income jobs in an international economy that close down factories and mills across America. They miss the knowledge needed to make a good idea into a working business. With these premises making it big in the big apple seems almost impossible. When getting a low income and tiring job is hard enough, disability programs take away peoples' determinations and ambitions.

Healthy people give up their careers to pursue a life without options and opportunities.

Jaffe ends her article where some major questions should be asked. Does keeping unemployment artificially low gain the economy? Unemployment rates are a way of measuring the health of an economy. Large numbers of unemployed workers signal an economy in distress. The consequences can be fluctuation of capital and investors leaving for other markets.

Keeping people away from the unemployment rates can therefore be of crucial economic importance. In cities where factories and mills close down foreign investment is one of the few ways of creating new jobs. The increase in Americans in disability programs may be a way of making an economic market desirable. It can be the dirty trick that secures work and employment for the rest.


Joffe-walt, Chana (2013) Unfit for Work The startling rise of disability in America. Cited 2.4.2014 from the Nationa Public Radio's website http://apps.npr.org/unfit-for-work/

Date: 30/04/2013
Also worth mentioning that the current unemployment rate does not reflect the millions of workers who have exhausted their benefits but who still have not regained employment.

Date: 30/04/2013
You raise excellent points. The American health system is a vast and complicated web driven by insurance company profits and big Pharma Lobbyists.

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