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Happy New Year! Because There is Always a Future
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Happy New Year to our community and all our supporters! I wish all the best for you and your families in the near future; because, there is always a future for us and our dreams, and I wish yours will be even better than what you are able to imagine! :)

Even in the worst scenarios, there is always a future for us and our souls. How can we live without a future? Dreaming of a better future is critical to reach happiness; otherwise, we would be mere machines, but we are not. Happiness can be in the present, but bigger happiness is always in the future, because our minds have been created to imagine and dream. Without thinking about a better future, we would alienate ourselves and get depressed; our real happiness is in the future, and there is always a future!

Someone will not have a future on this planet in the New Year. That is our destiny as human beings, but that is why our lives deserve to be lived in the best way we can; nothing is forever. But, yes, the future will always be there in our dreams; always, we can believe in a better future for our souls and for the humanity as a whole.

Every human being should be allowed to dream of a better future. That is one of the reasons why Chris and I started thinking about a new way of using the Internet to concretely help others. We are still far away from fulfilling our dream, but we are now working to live in a better future in which people can share information and opinions for the good of others. That is the reasoning behind KnowDo (Knowledge Donation), whose motto is: "KnowDo, Sharing for Good."

In the near future, our social blog aims to help those in the world who cannot afford basic education. This is our dream, and working to make it real is the reason why we are highly motivated today; the reason why we are happy. Happy New Year to all of us! Thanks for being a part of our community; thanks for being a part of our dream.

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