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Hi, hei, hola!

I’d love to share this snapshot with you:


The story behind this?

Well, I was recently invited to give a design-thinking workshop at Total E&P Norge, the French oil and gas company based in Stavanger (takk, Kjetil!).  I was trying to reserve a hotel room through the Nordic Choice Hotels site.  Of course the site was in Norwegian—as it should be.  I was happy to see, however, that they offered a “choice” (pun not intended) of languages on the top right-hand corner.  So I lazily picked English.  (Admittedly, I shouldn’t have if I ever want to learn my new country’s language.  My wife would not be happy.)

To my annoyance, a window in Norwegian popped up (the pic above).  Fortunately, I understood enough of the message to click on one of the options. But then I started to think:  If I’m explicitly choosing English, how the heck do they expect me to understand the message in Norwegian?  What about all those people who are new to Norway and have chosen English for the mere fact that they don’t understand Norwegian!  Is this absolutely nonsensical/silly, or is it just me?  Thoughts...?

Anyways, until next time...




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