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Economic Inequalities

Last week I returned to Spain for some days, after living there for two years. I´ve been following the financial crisis closely the last years, especially in Spain. The contrast of coming from Norway is enormous. We, as Norwegians, can´t hardly say we have experienced the crisis -- apart from one thing; the immigration of people, and -- once again -- especially from Spain.  

According to a Wall Street Journal article, half a million Spaniards left Spain last year looking for work, some of them ended up in Norway. These decisions are made upon needs, the need of work. Few, if any, make a decision like this for fun. Moving from friends and family, from your house, your culture and once your happy life is a tough decision. 

I recommend that we welcome Spaniards, and other immigrants. Norway needs skilled employees and immigrants need work. Let´s not scare them away with our cold and harsh climate!

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