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Most of you have been following KnowDo longer than I did, so I am not telling you anything new when I say that we have here an outstanding concept with a lot of potential. And let me tell you: We are now ready to explore it!

When I was invited by the founders Chris and Filippo if I would join the team as Editor and Communications Manager, I thought (and said): “Hell, yes!” As I wrote here, I was really fond of the website since the beginning, and becoming part of the team was just the logical consequence. The idea of creating a genuine free space, making FB & Co. look cheap and superficial, made the little rebel in me very happy.

So, what is my job here? Since I joined this wonderful team we have finally completed the long-sought-for update of the website. And now, my task is to introduce those innovations to you. Let’s do it!

Our new features

You might have noticed that we have new features such as a new menu and new texts in the menu that hopefully make a bit clearer what our innovative NGO Knowledge Donation is about (by the way, please let me know if we can improve this or any other thing on the site). We have added a tag cloud which highlights key aspects of our content. Last, but absolutely not least, we now provide you with a newsletter. Personally, I am especially excited about this because it helps us to keep in touch with you even if you do not visit our website for a while. You can chose which categories you want to be notified about, and obviously, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

But as always, the visible things are just a small piece of a big cake. Which means: We have worked a lot behind the scenes. I think I drove our web designer crazy telling him to move a line more to the left so it would be on the same height than the others or to have even spaces between single words. I am sure that the website is now, on a subtle way, more pleasing to the eye (this is my perfectionist, aesthetics loving, art critic side). Also, on the technical side, the website “moves” smoother now.

To put it in a nutshell: We now proudly present you this new version of knowdo.org.

My job here - and yours

Since there will not be any more world-shaking updates in the near future, I will definitely need something else to do, otherwise my position is not very justified. So please, do not let me just write posts and tell people on LinkedIn about KnowDo. You may want to give me feedback about our work, report a grammatical error or suggest improvements. Also, please help us to grow! Use this website, make it your own, tell your friends about it. We built it for you guys; the free space to let crazy ideas bloom without being restricted by personal advertisement, to exchange points of view, to express ourselves.

How do you like it?

Please feel free to comment on this post or write me an email to anke@knowdo.org. I will answer as soon as possible. Welcome back!

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