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Hi, dear readers of KnowDo. 

I joined this community some time ago but haven't had the drive to post anything until now. The truth is, I wasn't sure what this is all about. Why should I post something, why should anyone read it? What would be interesting for you guys? 

I have thought quite a while about what KnowDo means and now I've realized: After all these discussions about stolen data, personalized advertisements, all these concerns about how much information Facebook, Google, the NSA and co. are gathering about us, the users, I have realized I do want a website that doesn't stalk me. I want a website where I can show my ideas, give my opinion and get into fair discussions with readers from all over the world. 

The internet allows us to communicate with people we would never meet. It allows us to change the world in a way our ancestors would have never thought possible. But, as every form of power such as money for example, in the first place it is neutral. It becomes "good" or "bad" according to the intention of its users. It is in our hands to make the internet a place to share ideas that will make a positive impact. Already we have many examples such as couchsurfing.org, foodsharing.de, freecycle.org and crowdfunding that change our way to travel, eat, live and fulfill our dreams. The Arab Spring wouldn't have been possible without the internet. KnowDo will make a difference of how we learn, how we let people take part of knowledge. To me, education is the way out of oppression and ignorance. Knowledge gives the means to change. 

So this is why I decided to start writing on this website. As a journalist who focusses on travel, art and culture I want to share what I have learned with you. I'll be happy if it helps to improve the live of someone in a tiny way. Maybe with a smile, maybe with an inspiration, maybe with a new idea. And of course I am very much looking forward to reading other people's posts. 

I hope to see you around!