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Importance of Volunteers and Interns
As a platform to help communities reach out to one another, we rely on the passion and dedication of our volunteers to help us reach our goals. The majority of our operations are entirely engineered and executed by volunteers. No matter how small or large their role, volunteers are the most vital component of KCVA.

 What to expect as a Volunteer or Intern
Because volunteers are so critical to KISORO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION, often times they play a more active role and have a greater influence than they would at other NGO's. KCVA strives to take advantage of the unique skills and interests of its volunteers to make their experience with our organization more meaningful. In pairing volunteers with projects they are passionate about, we also believe that our projects are more successful in impacting communities in need.

Our volunteers and interns come from all over the world and wear many different hats. Some work primarily on strengthening KCVA infrastructure as an organization, researching and developing future projects, fundraising, and other 'organizational' projects.
Other volunteers and interns travel to kisoro to get involved and participate directly in our human rights initiative.

 The Approach
KISORO COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION is a wonderful opportunity for individuals or groups who want to get their hands dirty; who want to be directly involved in human rights projects that change people's lives. It is a people oriented approach where it is not just dealing with cases but actual contact with the real people and the real world. We encourage all independent, self-motivated, ambitious, creative and enthusiastic persons to join us!
There is no shortage of rhetoric about the importance of human rights in responding to poverty and hunger. This is the time to turn words into action.
 What is unique is that we have a flexible volunteer system which enables you to work from wherever you are. Our method of dealing with volunteers/Interns put the people on the ground and the volunteers/Interns central. We offer a very rich and challenging environment for the volunteers/Interns. They are given the freehand and the opportunity to be in charge from the initiation and development of the projects to the evaluation stage. This is our A-Z model of development.

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