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A retweet; diamonds are they worth it?
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I recently came across a tweet from KnowDo Co-Founder, Christoffer Kontny.."Before engaging with diamonds, read this! The dirty business of diamonds: businessinsider.com/history-of-de-… #Diamonds #DeBeers", and immediately a smile crossed my face.  A few years back while in "B" school, I was required to write a thesis for Business Ethics on a topic of my choice.  My paper was entitled  A Diamond Forever; in conflict.  At the time, the Kimberly Process was just being passed and the truths behind the corruption, war and human rights violations in Sierra Leone and Angola were just hitting the main stream commentary, ironically at the height of DeBeers "a diamond is forever campaign".  Admittedly, at the time I wrote my thesis, I was married and owned a diamond ring, however my diamond was estate circa 1800's, was not purchased and hardly worn.  I have not worn a diamond since and only if necessary, will wear a band with simulated stones.  I Digress.. 

Christoffer's tweet warms my heart, it reminds me that there are still conscious young men who are willing to buck the tradition of commerce and social tradition and raise awareness to a conflict still ongoing, but in recent years has taken a back seat in the collective dialogue. " The Diamond industry feeds the monster, as long as the demand for diamonds continues, the industry will keep prices high and place an undue high value on this abundant resource".  (a quote from my thesis.)  Strides have been made with subsequent "certification" schemes but the dialogue needs to be continued and the tradition questioned.  This is my version of a retweet.. thank you, Christoffer.





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