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Tribute to Chris Argyris - management researcher
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This short post, is to introduce to some and maybe help to refresh to others, the thoughts and ideas of Chris Argyris, probably one of the most relevant scholars in management science.

It is quite difficult to summarize his contributions in a short entry, but other people have tried to do so in the last days. He passed away only 5 days ago, but his legacy will be with us for the years to come.

He touched many different areas of management science, his writings have been very influential to understand decision making and leadership in organizations. In particular, his contributions are relevant as they help us to better understand what happens in organizations. Besides his work, it's quite impressive to see that most of the people that work with him, acknowledge his capacity to influence and communicate his ideas.

To anyone interested in management, we would recommend to at least spend a good quality mintues reading some of his articles and thoughs, we promise that they will change for good the way you see your organization and maybe even offer you the option to start questioning things that you have not seen till now.

Thanks to Chris Argyris for his contributions and dedication to making all of us more aware of what happens and why it might happen.

Find below some references that might guide your next steps in getting in touch with C. Argyris contributions:

Reflections from Andrew McAfee: http://andrewmcafee.org/2013/11/mcafee-in-memoriam-chris-argyris/

Nice summary of some of his ideas: http://infed.org/mobi/chris-argyris-theories-of-action-double-loop-learning-and-organizational-learning/

Article that summarizes his writings on "why smart people often struggle to learn and improve": http://www.ncsu.edu/park_scholarships/pdf/chris_argyris_learning.pdf



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