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Private investors; access or hoops or both?
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In recent days, I have noticed an increase in chatter regarding the Jobs Act for investor private placement and what, if anything it means to film funding seekers.  There is a growing misperception since the bill first passed in April 2012.  The thought within the film community was easier access to private investors, less obstacles to navigate and more control.  This however is not the case and with the new amendments being proposed to the current bill, it will mean more hoops BUT also more protection.  The intension of the Jobs Act was to infuse capital more quickly into start-up companies and it did to some extent.  Savvy film professionals teamed up with Wall Street cowboys to combine their powers and create film funding one stop companies;  like Slated and Worldview.  Super smart... selling film/media as an asset class.. brilliant.  Fret not filmmakers and independent producers of the world the tide is changing for the good,  it just means finding a very good corporate structure attorney and building a strong team mixed with creative and business talent. Build a plan one with a real exit strategy and revenue streams that go past just seeing one project to fruition.  To those who think film slates are not viable, you're not paying attention to the policy, the fine print and to innovation. Collaboration is key and crossing borders and oceans is the future.  Lastly, keep an eye on the developments of TTIP,  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. (U.S.-EU treaty) Studios are large distributors are and for good reason. 







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