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Thoughts from an experience as a teacher.
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For the past months I have been teaching full time in a 8th grade. For me, it has been an immensely experience. I am a great supporter of knowledge and education, and teaching is essential for those two. Being able to take part of 30 kids´ life, and teaching them (hopefully) valuable knowledge, was a privilege.

Coming from another background than teaching, I hope my experience and teaching methods made a difference. We conducted some cool experiments and games in class too, like The Marshmallow Challenge and The Ultimatum Game. Some pictures are added from those two. An interesting observation from The Ultimatum Game is the distribution of money, most of them divided the money pretty equally and accepted the sum of money -- maybe it reflects the social society we live in?

One thing is for sure, these kids are super bright! They were able to reflect over important questions related to todays society. If kids in general are like that, we have nothing to be concerned about for the future. 



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