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Quick Highlights on Demographic Trends of Movie goers..
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Demographics in film attendance...it may surprise you who is really showing up at the theaters...

With the recent franchise darlings as Hunger Games and Twilight and studios in Hollywood gobbling up the film rights or every Young Adult novel that hits the Best seller list, it would be easy to assume that the driving factor would be the hard numbers supporting the 18-24 year old group paying the top theatrical ticket prices. But if you have a closer look, the numbers don’t add up.  The repeat customer is going more often and in search of a variety of content but they are older.. 

Ticket sales continue to be driven by frequent moviegoers, who represent only 10% of the population but purchase half of all movie tickets. In 2011, more 25-39 year olds were in the frequent moviegoer category, particularly males in the US/Canada, the typical moviegoer bought 5.8 tickets over the course of the year. 

25-39 year old demographic make up 24% of tickets sold.  Also an increase in the 60+ age bracket at 13% In contrast, younger frequent moviegoers in the 18-24 age group declined by nearly 1 million, particularly females. 

Source: MPAA 2011 Theatrical Statics Report

Another Highlight to ponder from the PwC Global Entertainment and Media out look report 2012-2016:

Globally, over-the-top/streaming services will grow at a 21.0 percent CAGR to $11 billion in 2016, and will overtake VOD spending through TV subscription providers in 2012.

The younger audiences are not waiting to be driven to the theater but rather connect with their entertainment instantly through streaming.  Creative content with lower budgets could have a real chance to be exploited.  This shift should impact filmed entertainment for more independents to shine. 

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