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15 Facts about Being Vegan that Will Baffle You
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Veganism is a topic that you come across many times in your daily life, especially if you are friends with dietary or ethical vegans. The most known fact about veganism is how anyone who follows dietary veganism avoids all foods derived from animals, and a person who practices ethical veganism avoids any product obtained from an animal like leather and fur, along with absconding the food items. But there is so much more to veganism that is unknown to many. Take a look at 15 such facts that will surely baffle you!

1.       Studies show that vegans tend to be less stressed and happier.

2.       Vegan women are less prone to breast, ovarian and cervical cancer while vegan men are less prone to prostate cancer.

3.       The chances of vegans developing diabetes, obesity and hearts disease is much less compared to meat eaters.

4.       The cholesterol levels of vegans tend to be about 77 points lower than an average meat eater and about 28 points lower than that of a vegetarian’s.

5.       Vegans are less prone to Alzheimer’s as they consume plant based foods that are rich in vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin E.

6.       Vegans knowingly or unknowingly contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect. Studies show that becoming vegan is 50% more effective than driving a hybrid car to reduce the greenhouse effect.

7.       Every year, about 200 animals are saved by each vegan. It is amazing how a singlular initiative can spare so many innocent lives. Hundreds of millions of animal lives have been spared over the last decade solely because of vegans.

8.       Vegan diets are much cheaper when compared to that of a meat eater’s- which is obvious, as vegan diets are mostly made up of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Imagine how much money can be saved instead of splurging on cheese-burst pizza and hamburgers

9.       Vegans are known to be more optimistic compared to the others around them. This could do something with the fact that they suffer from less stress and anxiety.

10.   Vegans indirectly contribute to saving forests that would have been converted t agricultural lands by reducing the demand for beef.

11.   Several studies prove that a vegan diet can increase the metabolism of human body. This means that vegans feel less lethargic and are generally perkier and livelier than meat eaters and vegetarians.

12.   Kids who grow up as vegans are known to be kinder and more considerate than their peers as they are familiarized with the ethical values of veganism at a very young age. They are taught to be kind to animals and birds and how one’s existence should not cause harm to others.

13.   Vegans don’t really miss out on any of the scrumptious dishes as they have an alternate for every dish they cannot even. There are vegan ice creams, vegan cakes, vegan pancakes and vegan pizza.

14.   The fitness secret of many stars with killer looks and rocking bodies is the fact that they follow vegan diets.

15.   Vegans live, longer, happier and relaxed lives compared to meat eaters and vegetarians.

That concludes the list of 15 amazing facts that would totally change your perception about veganism. Rooted strongly in kindness and compassion, veganism is certainly an inspiration to millions. Though it is still a new concept to many, veganism certainly has the capability to alter your life magically and fill it with health and happiness.

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