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Why KnowDo?

Let’s approach some challenges of this world in an innovative way!

KnowDo is made by people for people. We believe that education is the way out of oppression and ignorance. We believe that knowledge opens doors for everyone. This is why KnowDo can change the world a little. Or will it even make a more noticeable impact?

We challenge you to be a part of this movement! 

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Only relevant information can make a difference

KnowDo is a reliable source of high quality knowledge in different fields. We only invite reliable and independent experts to join our social blog. They are experts who genuinely donate their time and their knowledge they consider valuable with no further interest whatsoever. They share for good! If you do not find our promise fulfilled, please contact us at info@knowdo.org.

KnowDo is a real free space

You just give what you want. We do not track you: we do not use cookies, we do not steal your data, we do not show you personalized advertisement - in fact, we do not have advertisement at all! - we do not sell information to third parties - in fact, there are no third parties at all. At KnowDo, you always know what we do. 

We value controversy

Please feel absolutely free to comment on the articles, share your ideas and points of view. You will receive feedback from all over the world. Get involved into fascinanting discussions that are motivated by genuine interest in the subject itself and will hopefully be life-enhancing for everyone. And last, but not least: Meet interesting people you would not have ever met otherwise.

Are you in?

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P.S.: "There is a crack in everything / That's how the light gets in", sang Leonard Cohen. But of course, we constantly aim to improve KnowDo. You may help us by sending any suggestions to info@knowdo.org

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