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How is this page different from any other information page?
KnowDo is a social blog that uses an innovative business model to offer reliable information and independent opinions. The value is created out of the community of experts who donate their knowledge to support our long-term goal: to help people around the world receiving a basic education.

Can I donate to KnowDo?
The main goal of this version of KnowDo is to promote our innovative business model. Therefore, we do not collect money donations to support education yet. However, we accept your help to make our project grow. If you want to support it, please contact us at info@knowdo.org

How have you planned to raise donations to support education?
First, we want to increase our community of experts. When we will be able to post on a regular basis, we will ask Internet users for a small donation to have access to all the material on KnowDo, and interact with our experts.

Where do you think money donations will be allocated?
We will use them to support education in developing countries. To facilitate our growth, we are now in the process to create collaborations with different NGOs.

How can I collaborate with KnowDo?
Please, send us your contact information ; we would be happy to start a dialogue with you.

Can I work for your organization?
At the moment, we are not hiring, but volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us your contact information

What is in it for your experts?
First, they get prestige, since they are real helpers, even if they do not donate their money; in the future, they will have the unique chance to raise money donations (to support education) through their contribution. Second, they engage in interesting discussions and network with other experts through our website. Third, they have a bigger audience provided by our website; KnowDo also promotes their original content through different channels such as social networks.

How do you select experts?
They are individuals who have a proven reputation in the academic or in the professional field. We look for people who have been successful while keeping a high degree of integrity.

How many experts do you plan to have?
A specific limit does not exist. However, scalability is inversely related to reliability. We have to thoroughly review our experts before approving them. This process will probably slow our growth, but it is necessary to provide users with reliable content.

How can I join your community of experts?
Please, send us your contact information: We would be happy to receive requests from all over the world, since KnowDo is global in scope, and it aims to display content in different languages.

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